OPTicM!SM Fundraising

We’re proud to work with the Society for Community Organization (SoCO) as our NGO partner! With your support, we will raise funds and awareness to support some of the 45,000 people, most without decent housing, that SoCO serves. (See SoCO announcement)

我們很榮幸能與慈善機構香港社區組織協會(社協) 合作!有你的支持,我們可以為45,000名不適切居所的人士籌款,支援社協服務的同時,亦提高各界的社會意識。(到此查看社協發表的公告)

Donation Scope

OPTicMiSM proceeds will be donated to SoCO to aid those without decent housing - including the homeless, cage home & subdivided flat dwellers.

Specifically, we have designated the donation to fund employment-enabling services, such as job training, placement & professional certifications, to help these people regain employment after the impact of the pandemic and downturn.

By supporting our art sale, you can help empower these vulnerable families to pursue a decent livelihood and better life.

「奕觀 • 疫光」扣除成本後的收益會直接落入缺乏正常居住環境的基層人士,包括露宿者、籠屋、及劏房住戶。



About SoCO

A reputable registered charity in Hong Kong, SoCO has been serving the underprivileged since 1971. This humble NGO supports vulnerable groups in poverty, especially the homeless, cage home & cubicle dwellers.

Learn more at: www.soco.org.hk



Photo by Benny Lam

SoCO's Covid Relief for the Poor

SoCO has worked tirelessly through Covid to aid the vulnerable. From under- or unemployed individuals to disadvantaged families & children, they have distributed anti-pandemic resources, online learning equipment, disinfectant services for cage homes & more to 18,000 households.

⚖️ SoCO has also published & advocated policy recommendations to fight for social justice during these critical times.


Photo by Brian Ching

People without Decent Housing in HK

We mean not only the homeless or street sleepers who are most visible, but the tens of thousands of families living in cage homes, coffin homes, subdivided units and other makeshift places. Many of these environments are too constrained, unsafe and not hygienic for anyone, let alone families including elderly and children. Learn more about the problem and SoCO's work.



Photo by Benny Lam


How much of proceeds is donated?

All proceeds will be donated to SoCO after printing, handling and admin expenses. Our organizing team is completely pro bono and only interested in achieving our campaign goals.


Can I get a tax receipt for my purchase or donation through OPTicMiSM?
若我透過「奕觀 • 疫光」購買藝術作品或捐款,我能獲得扣稅收據嗎?

For purchases of HKD1000 and over, you will have the option for a tax receipt from SoCO later. This will show the amount received by SoCO after expenses.


Will you tell us about the actual community impact later on?

With SoCO, we plan to collaborate on defining further the use of proceeds, track program outcomes and communicate the end impact for those without decent housing (in this case, beneficiaries).

We also intend to transparently communicate results & learnings at the end of this experimental project.



How else can I support OPTicMiSM?
我還能如何支持「奕觀 • 疫光」?

Buy more artwork or make a donation through our campaign to gain access to our future activities. Tell your friends personally. Share on social media (from our Instagram or LinkedIn posts)!

Or contact us to volunteer - we always need help with marketing, ongoing PR and planning aspects of the in-person photo exhibit later this summer.

透過我們的活動購買藝術作品或捐款,並密切留意我們的未來活動。親自向你的朋友介紹我們的計劃。在社交媒體上分享我們的消息(你可以分享我們的Instagram 或 LinkedIn 帖文)!