Meet Our Artists

Our 10 artists come from all walks of life across Hong Kong, like you.

We hope you find these perspectives serve as a reminder of how strong Hong Kongers are, and how each of our unique voices can inspire others. We believe everyone is an artist with a unique lens.

To show the diversity of Hong Kong, we designed this mix of backgrounds as a cross-section of society -- across age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status & more.

We also looked for people from some industry sectors heavily hit by the pandemic. All were nominated by different circles.

  • Justin Choi, student

    After years of disrupted education, Justin has just graduated from secondary school. As part of a generation deeply affected by Covid, he will showcase shots during the pandemic of Hong Kongers finding ways to carry on, no matter what.

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  • Arlene Wong, F&B leader

    Arlene is a restaurant owner and liquor brand ambassador who advocates for female equality in the industry. After waves of restrictions, her new series is a reflection on strength & vulnerability, body image and mental health, as she expects her firstborn in July.

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  • Nicholas Ip, pilot

    After years as a pilot, Nic was suddenly grounded by Covid and found an outlet for reflection in street photography. In capturing poignant black & white shots of strangers in their daily lives, every shot he takes is a reminder of what we have in life to be grateful for.

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  • Khristel Mae Alterado, Domestic Helper

    Khristel is Filipina and has worked in HK since 2011. During Covid and her own 19-day hospitalization, photography became a therapeutic outlet to heal, seek strength and inspire others to stay optimistic.

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  • Gordon Watson, CEO

    This CEO is also secretly an artist! Gordon has lived in Asia for 25 years. In and out of work, he’s passionate about advocating for mental health. Gordon took our theme as a challenge to shoot scenes of neighborhood resilience, iconic symbols of HK, and the beauty found in humble corners.

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  • Christine Vicera, researcher

    Christine is a Filipina-HKer writer, researcher at CUHK and indie filmmaker. Her work focuses on migration, race and diaspora in Asia, while her community project explores multicultural identities & connections. Christine asks: What remains constant in a world of chaos?

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  • Miles Yuen, Social Innovation Coach

    An award-winning photographer, Miles works at a youth center in Tuen Mun, where he’s seen how the community suffered, yet rallied to aid each other. It’s the humble grit & hidden glimmers of hope in our neighborhoods that he captures - a unique style that’s gained tens of thousands of followers.

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  • Mabel Wong, retiree

    Mabel retired from a career in HR and brings a new perspective on life. Her photo series features colorful moments in the everyday and in nature, reminding us to see the silver lining everywhere – that joy is a choice even when life seems to have changed forever.

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  • Kin Ho, fitness trainer

    After years of gym disruptions, Kin saw firsthand how the fitness industry struggled, yet adapted and persevered. It’s this spirit that he captures, as he found an alternative livelihood in photography. Hong Kong’s enduring strength are his motivation and message to you.

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  • Martina Mok, project convenor

    Our very own convenor Martina is a social innovation partnerships builder who connects business & community to tackle social issues in new ways. As she explores a new chapter, this series - all taken in passing since 2020 - is a reflection on isolation & identity, quiet & clarity during turbulent times.

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