About Us

We're a small but mighty team of optimists who believe in Hong Kongers and love our city.

  • Martina Mok

    Martina is a social innovation partnerships builder who connects business & community to create Shared Value in new ways. She’s always been artistic but this is her accidental debut as a photographer.

    ☀️ “I’m optimistic because I know that solutions to social issues are out there, we just need to rally the energy and resources to bring them to bear!”

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  • Rachel Yan

    Rachel is a social innovation specialist with multi-disciplinary experiences in steering impactful projects within the non-profit, corporate and public sectors. She loves cooking up cultural and social experiments to stir up new imaginations for a more liveable and sustainable world.
    ☀️ "I’m optimistic because each of us harbours an abundance of energy within – when we begin to play, we begin to flow."

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  • Rosann Ling

    Rosann is the founder of Prism Creative, a purpose-driven branding agency. She’s excited to be part of the OPTicMiSM team, and is inspired by how HKers have turned challenge into opportunity throughout the pandemic.

    ☀️ “I’m optimistic because despite everything that’s happening in the world, communities still show kindness, generosity and support for one another.”

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  • Jade Yung

    Jade believes that communicating with kindness is the heart of impactful marketing campaigns in a digital world. With this in mind, Jade founded her freelance brand Creative Kynde in 2021 to help purpose-driven businesses with conscious digital marketing and copywriting.
    ☀️ “I’m optimistic because hope is never lost. Sometimes, a new perspective and a sprinkle of creativity and kindness is all we need to feel hopeful again.”

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  • Samantha Chung

    With a mantra of “Marketing to Impact”, Samantha founded Slasher Co, a full-service digital marketing agency that primarily serves social and impact ventures.
    ☀️”Time and time again, HKers have shown creativity and tenacity despite what challenges come our way. As a proud HKer, I’m optimistic because I know that we have the ability to turn things around, and that all adversity will pass.”

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  • Nikki Wong

    Nikki believes in the important role businesses play in bringing about impactful change for a better future. Nikki is one of the co-founders of B Purpose Bureau, a consultancy that helps businesses become more impact focused.

    ☀️ "I'm optimistic because I believe our survival as a species depends on everyone helping everyone and history has shown how people rally together to offer each other support and resources, even in the harshest of times."

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  • ...This could be YOU!

    We're recruiting a few part-time volunteer roles on marketing, PR (media), event planning, project management, copywriting. And any other skills you might bring to the effort!

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Vanessa is a fine art photographer and co-founder of Boogie Woogie Photography, dedicated to promote photography in Asia. She is active in organizing exhibits and major art fairs such as Fine Art Asia, after a prolific career around the world.

Vanessa kindly helped curate OPTicM!SM's selection of artwork based on submissions, alongside our team.

Advisors, Nominators & Key Supporters

Angelyn Lim
Kiril Popov
Cheryl Pan
Eugenia Lo
Lena Wong
Beatrice Remy
Will Furniss
Maxime Vanhollebeke
Leeh Ann Hidalgo
Amanda Mercep
Jeffrey Andrews
Tze-wei Ng
Fay Pang
Sabrina Cheung
Pr. Choi Sung-Ki
Elisa Skilton
Tony Reno
Iris To
Vincent Lee
Ivy Chow
Hailey Qi
Jade Chaudhey
Danielle Giambattista
Elaine Chen-Fernandez
Suki Chan
Joy Lee
Nobin John
Lionel Mok

...to be continued...

Campaign Partners

- Danny Chau, Chau Digital print shop
- Raymond Wong, Opus Framing Studio
- Venue partner The Wild Lot
Ascension Communications

...more to come!

Supporting Organizations

ImpactNFT Alliance

Impact Circles

CreativeMornings HK

#impact Podcast

Orka Wellness

....more to be revealed!